By the Hand - Zach Svoboda 2010

I thought that I always knew what I was talking about
The things I believed never seemed to have much doubt
Right from wrong, good to bad, as long as I’m happy more than sad
Well, that all changed one day - just like that

You take me by the hand
You make me never ever want to let go again
This new heart that you’ve given me
Is like a new set of eyes to help me see
When I fall I start to crawl, but you help me stand
You give me the strength to be a better man

What I see is only what I choose to see
Not who I am but who I really want to be
It takes some time to do your part
If you got the patience, He can rend your heart
Only of you believe, if you believe

Don't Dream Your Life Away - Zach Svoboda 2009

Verse 1
A dream will never come true until you take the chance to make it a reality
There's more to life than living, wanting, being, or doing things to get a feeling

We're here for a purpose, here for a reason, our lives come and go they pass like seasons
We're not guaranteed tomorrow

So stop waiting, stop watching for something to come along, you gotta make it happen, you gotta make it happen
Start facing, stop wasting so much time that you'll never get back, time that you'll never get back
So live for today

Verse 2
It's only what you make it, tough times will try to break you down and tear you apart
But don't let the bad get the best of you, you're strong deep down you can make it through and stick it out till the end

Don't dream your life away, Don't dream your life away, Don't dream your life away
Don't let it, Don't let it pass you by

TRUE COLORS - Zach Svoboda 2009

I know that you are more than people see you to be
I know that you’ve got a heart inside of you beating
It beats for a reason, for a purpose, there’s so much more to see
Than what’s on the outside

What really counts is not how many pounds, the way you sound,
the color of your hair or the clothes you wear it’s on the inside,
it’s on the inside

It’s who you really are that matters most
Stand up friend so you can show
True colors
Don’t be afraid you got so much goin
Be yourself and keep on growing
True Colors

Not everyone will understand the things you’ve been going through
And some people are still gonna judge everything about you
Don’t let it phase you or make you believe that the lies are true
It’s just a foolish game

Slow Down - Zach Svoboda 2010

I’m tired of walking around the same old part of town feeling like I’ve never been here before
I can't help but think about the way things use to be - a lot less technology, to live more simply
a new age, a fast pace, it's a never ending race on how to achieve faster, better, quicker- now
But sometimes you got to

Slow down hold up it’s time to remember what this life we live is really about
Family, giving more than we receive, to believe in love unconditionally….
Is what we really need

Verse 2
Patience is a rarity in today’s society driven by selfish motivation
How many things can we cram into a day and never feel a sense of closure, we’ll never know for sure
But my heart it lingers on for something more, something less than what I already have
Sometimes we got to

Can we, can we, remember
Can we, can we, just remember

Say what I mean - Zach Svoboda 2011

All of this material stuff and our earthy home
Will come to pass, even those high dollar loans
Our body is a vessel, a messenger of peace
To love and serve, at least that's what it's suppose to be

I wanna brand myself for the glory of you
Won't put it on a shelf, I'll use my faith to prove I

Say what I mean, I mean what I say
and do everything that you've called me to for your glory's sake
out of my love for you

We claim to love above the norm of this society
but walk away from the most obvious opportunity
we're infatuated with technology, communication
our ability to see Him is lost with our ability to reason

The way I feel and live my life is besides the point if I never try
to love them like You want me to so they can see the truth

WAKE UP CALL - Zach Svoboda 2010

So much time I feel is wasted
Ignoring life instead of facing it
My priorities a little mixed up
It’s my family and you I should never give up

I need a wake up call, to embrace your love
What it means and who you are
I need a wake up call, like a coffee strong and tall
To set my feet on the rock and remember

To love

Never knowing what’s gonna happen next
Is something that keeps my faith in check
When I follow the plans that you have for me
I know I’ll never ever have to worry

Your love is waking up in me, your love is coming true

Life is but a vapor - Zach Svoboda 2009

Life is but a vapor in the wind
What is it gonna take, take to
Live our lives to our fullest potential
We can’t do it alone, no - it can’t be done
It’s natural for us to run, run, run away
From our problems and fall all over again

That’s why I need your love to come and save me now, save me now
I need your love to come and save me now, save me now

Our time is limited, it goes by too fast
We never know when we’re gonna go, go
Or which day will be our last, only God knows
I wanna be who you have called me to be
An instrument of your love for the world
To see before it’s too late

I wanna live, I wanna love, I want to live in love
I wanna live, I wanna love, I want to live in love

There is a hope - Zach Svoboda 2010

There is a hope that comes alive inside of me
When I’m still, while I’m waiting for the world to see
You are real, you are king, above everything

You are my hope when all is lost
Your precious blood is the price is cost
For the freedom you gave so we could have life

There is a peace that overwhelms my restless soul
When I’m weak and broken down you make me whole
You are here, right now, I believe God, help my doubt

All I want is you, to save me, All I need is you to save me
All I need is you, to save me, All I want is you to save me

Fight for You – Zach Svoboda 2010

God you are moving in a mighty way
God you are speaking to my heart these words I pray

There’s only one way, only one truth
Prepare my heart for battle as I put on the full armor of you

With all that I am I will fight for you
With all that I have I will give to you
This life is a battle and I am the field
I don’t have life If I don’t have you

God you are calling your people to rise up
To break the chains and crush the walls that we build up

Strong and Holy, Just you are, Infinite in power (repeat 4x)

Greatest Story Ever Told - Zach Svoboda 2011

Once again I try to work my way through this
Manifestation of reluctancy to trust Him
Even though He knows, “My ways” are better than I
I wanna get to that place, I wanna be in the light

I wanna bask in the glory of the one who saved my soul
I wanna live my life with love, peace, humility, and self control
In doing this, we’re only adding to the greatest story ever told
The greatest story ever told

It seems like I’m not being who I really am
Sometimes, because there’s too many voices in my head
Figuring out which ones to listen to can be hard to do
When I don’t know my own, and when I can’t hear you

I don’t wanna stay here, I wanna break through
Break through to you, break through to you
I don’t wanna stay here, I wanna break through
Break through to you, Break through to you, Break through to me